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Innovative and easy to use"
Prof. B. Friedlander

Ginger has already prevented some embarrassing situations for me"
Jean-Luc Martin

A fantastic tool"
Denise Hook

this is the only way I produce an error-free text"
Ulrike Bauer

Grammar checker - corrects ALL types of grammatical mistakes

Subject verb agreement
  • The tray of ice cubes have fallen
  • The tray of ice cubes has fallen
Verb tense
  • Have you saw the new film?
  • Have you seen the new film?
  • I arrived in the airport at Sunday
  • I arrived at the airport on Sunday
Adjectives / Adverbs
  • He is most important than me
  • He is more important than me
Noun: Single-Plural
  • We bought a number of item
  • We bought a number of items
Consecutive nouns and possessive "S"
  • We crossed the stones bridge
  • We crossed the stone bridge

Misused words correction - helps you using your words properly

Misused words
  • ...greater then
  • ...greater than
Misused words
  • ...the hospital stuff
  • ...the hospital staff

Contextual spell checker - chooses the correction that fits the meaning of the sentence

Phonetic similarity
  • Fizix is my favourite subject
  • Physics is my favourite subject
Split / merged words
  • A three bed room apartment
  • A three bedroom apartment

Ginger's contextual spell checker corrects the spelling mistake "wer" differently in each sentence based on its context as seen in the example below:

  • I wer a blue shirt
  • I wear a blue shirt
  • We wer there
  • We were there
  • Wer are you?
  • Where are you?
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